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How to: holiday feeling in your own garden

Ibiza tuin inspiratie met franje parasol en bamboe loungeset als tuinmeubels bij Jet at Home

January 14, 2023

3 tips to get your garden in Ibiza atmosphere!

Work with natural materials and elements

Choose a wooden lounge set, terracotta pots and olive trees to create a down-to-earth vibe. The 'imperfections' that you are used to with handmade products and natural materials give a laidback and easy-going feeling, which fits perfectly with the holiday mode.

Start with a light base and choose your desired finish

Choose light basic elements in your garden that reflect sunlight and give the whole a summery look. For example, think of white pebbles on the ground, lightly plastered walls and natural teak wooden garden furniture. Do you want an elegant Ibiza look? Then continue the neutral shades in accessories such as cushions or, for example, our Pearly White parasol. Or do you dare to add a little more color and thereby imitate the cheerfulness of warm countries? Then opt for a warmer parasol such as our Foxy Flower and colored flower pots.

Combine materials

By using different types of materials, you create depth and an ultimate luxurious finish in your styling. You take everything to a higher level, as it were, by complementing a linen tablecloth with earthenware bowls on the table and glassware with relief. On your lounge chairs you can combine a throw blanket such as that from Hippie Fish with different cushions, for example embroidered or velvet. The cotton fringes of our vintage parasols can also contribute to this, together with the wooden stick, but do you want next level summer shadows in your garden? Then go for the hand-knotted Bahama Mama macramé parasol.

Do you also want to get started creating a real oasis of relaxation in your own garden? View our parasols and other products here!

Lichte luxe parasol in de tuin van Elle Fotografie met naturel styling en tips voor tuinmeubelsMacramé parasol met rotan stoel en jute poef voor luxe styling ideeën en tips voor de tuin

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