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A beach umbrella is an indispensable item for a comfortable day at the beach. Whether you want to relax in the shade, protect yourself from the sun or just want some privacy, there are different types of beach umbrellas available to suit your needs.


Bahama Mama Parasol

For those who want an authentic Ibiza experience in their own backyard, we have the Macramé parasol of your dreams. The traditional art of macrame consists of a cotton knot and is produced by hand by our craftsmen.

Mellow Yellow

When the Mellow Yellow catches the sun's rays, it will shine completely! The name says it all, this parasol has a sunny character with its yellow exterior and vintage flowers on the inside. A real cheerful eye-catcher for every garden or beach day! With every parasol you will receive a matching carrying bag.

Green Machine Parasol

The Green Machine is new in our vintage parasol collection! With beautiful fringes, this beach umbrella will complete your garden this summer. Every vintage parasol comes with a matching carrying bag, for on the road or for storage.

Foxy Flower Parasol

I think our most vintage beach umbrella so far! The Foxy flower! A unique print, designed by Ugla Studio. Every vintage parasol comes with a matching carrying bag, handy for on the go or for storage.

Tiger Ruby Parasol

Tiger Ruby is the fiery take on Ugla Studio's exclusive pattern design for Yuna Merch. It is made for those who are going to have a passionate and sexy summer! This parasol is guaranteed to look fantastic in any garden and on any beach! With every parasol you will receive a matching carrying bag.

Solar Wave

The Solar Wave is made for heat waves and long beach days. The exclusive pattern was designed by Ugla Studio for Yuna Merch and we are very proud of it! This yellow and white version is a real favourite! With every parasol you will receive a matching carrying bag.

Ubuntu Umbrella

Finally here! The Ubuntu parasol is one of our favorites from restaurant Ubuntu in Zandvoort. All parasols come with a matching bag.

Wavy Dune Parasol

The Wavy Dune, one of Yuna Merch's new favorites. Suitable for the garden or balcony! You will receive a matching carrying bag with every parasol.

Day Dreamer Parasol

A new classic print in the Yuna Merch collection, the day dreamer! Whether you're going to the beach for a nice day or relaxing at home in the garden, this parasol will make your day shine. Each parasol comes with a matching carrying bag.

Branding Beach Parasol

If you have ever been to the Branding Beach in Noordwijk, you may already recognize it, this parasol will be on the beach of Noordwijk from this summer and can now also be obtained quickly at home! For the garden, on the balcony, you name it! Each parasol comes with a matching carrying bag.

Black Umbrella

The black parasol with fringes, this classic one is ideal for the garden. All umbrellas come with a matching bag.

Jungle Bay Umbrella

This retro parasol with Jungle print is mainly shining in the summer at Tulum in Noordwijk. Each vintage beach umbrella comes with a matching carrying bag.

Coral Red Umbrella

This parasol is also one of our favorites, perfect for the front or backyard. Each parasol comes with a matching storage bag.

Rocky Beach Umbrella

One of our all time favourites would be our umbrella with black dots, great to have on your patio or garden. All umbrella's are provided with a nice carrier bag with the same fabric

Pearly White Umbrella

The white beach umbrella with a pearl twist, suitable for any backyard or patio. A matching storage bag is supplied with each beach umbrella.

Zebra Dream Cover

If you already have a parasol from us, it is now possible to order a separate cloth in the unique Zebra print. Handy if you want to change print every now and then! NB! This is not a complete parasol, only the canvas!

Parasol cover

Super nice, such a beautiful parasol to get through the hot summer days, but you prefer not to fold it again before every rain splash. That is why we now have the rain cover for your parasol, so that the parasol can simply remain in place and is always 'ready to go' with the first rays of the sun!

Types of beach umbrellas

At Yuna Merch, we have a wide variety of beach umbrellas to choose from, so you can always find the perfect option. Our range includes vintage parasols in the trendiest colours. In addition, these are available in different materials such as cotton.

Beach umbrella with fringes

The beach umbrellas are available in different colors and are finished with beautiful fringes around the edge, which gives it a playful look. It also has a wooden frame that is sturdy and stable and has a natural look. The parasol offers sufficient protection against the sun and the wind, so that you can enjoy your beach day comfortably and relaxed.

Retro parasol

Our retro umbrellas have a classic look and a unique design that makes them stand out among other beach umbrellas. It has a round shape and is made of high quality cotton material, which makes it durable and high quality.

Foldable parasol: convenient to carry

At Yuna Merch we have a selection of folding beach umbrellas that are perfect for travelers and anyone looking for a portable solution. Our folding beach umbrellas are made of lightweight materials and are easy to fold to a compact size, making them easy to carry.

Secure the umbrella on the beach

Securing a beach umbrella to the beach is important to ensure it remains stable, even in windy conditions. A simple method is to put the parasol in the sand at an angle, so that it is slanted and offers more resistance to the wind. Another option is to dig the parasol into the sand, digging a hole and placing the parasol in it. The sand around the parasol provides extra stability and keeps the parasol in place. It is important to take the weather conditions into account and make sure the parasol is securely secured before you leave it. This way you can enjoy a carefree day at the beach!

Buy a parasol for the beach at Yuna Merch

Whether you are looking for a classic parasol, a folding parasol or a unique retro or fringe parasol, you can find the perfect option to suit your style and needs with us. We only use the best materials to ensure that our parasols are durable and stable, so you can use them year after year.

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