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Mellow Yellow parasol on a cozy Amsterdam balcony

Mellow Yellow dubbelzijdige gebloemde gele parasol op Amsterdams balkon

January 14, 2023

Aman van den Eertwegh has styled the parasol nicely on her cozy balcony!

Our Mellow Yellow parasol is really the showstopper of our new collection. With its double-sided print, the parasol is just that little bit more special than the rest. On the outside, the parasol is, as the name suggests, a sunny yellow color and on the inside radiates a cozy retro floral print. That is why the parasol has an atmospheric glow when the sun shines on it!

Aman has styled this beautifully with a rust-colored outer cover and wooden bistro set, which enhance the warm tones of the parasol and make the balcony the perfect chill spot for the summer! With some cozy flowers and plants, Aman adds some more orange and brown tones, but also a surprising lilac accent color that refreshes the whole. The stylish speaker makes it complete. This balcony is ready for cozy summer days!

Do you also want such a cozy atmosphere in your garden or on your balcony? Check out our new collection of parasols here!

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