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Our favorite beach hotspots: Noordwijk

Coral Red vintage parasol op het strand bij Branding Beach in Noordwijk

January 14, 2023

There’s a place where happy people go and we're telling you about it!

Branding Beach

Music, olive trees, a pizza oven… can you already sense the atmosphere? De Branding is a real crowd favorite and we understand why. You may also know this beach club under the name Winter Lodge, because unlike most beach bars, De Branding never closes. It's a real gem, because you can visit all year round, so also in winter to warm up by the fireplace after a breath of fresh air on the beach.

Tulum Tulum

On a sunny day you don't need a lot of imagination to get that holiday feeling, but a lot closer than Mexico! The beach is full of atmospheric vintage parasols and wicker furniture where you can enjoy the most delicious fresh juices and snacks from the menu.


Witsand and Tulum Tulum are neighbors. The more souls the merrier is certainly applicable here! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… It doesn't matter where you plop down on the terrace in the cooling shade of our Yuna parasols, because Witsand is definitely equally great as Tulum Tulum!

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Pearly White vintage parasol in de zomer bij strandclub Tulum Tulum in NoordwijkShore Line vintage parasol op het strand bij strandtent Witsand in Noordwijk

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