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Our favorite beach hotspots: Zandvoort

Coral Red vintage parasol op het strand bij Ubuntu Beach in Zandvoort

January 14, 2023

For those looking to enjoy a day at the beach in Zandvoort!

Hippie Fish

The beach bar for hippies to chill out in the sun or, if you want to last from early in the morning until late at night, under a parasol! And those are not just any umbrellas, but the one and only Yuna vintage umbrellas! If you want to admire our parasols in real life, you should definitely visit us.

Ubuntu Beach

You can also go to Ubuntu for atmosphere, views and goodies. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between - you won't be short of anything! The decor is great both inside and outside and completely in Yuna Merch atmospheres, where our umbrellas cannot be missed!

Kayuca Beach House

The youngest on this list is Kayuca, but with her beautiful interior and at least as attractive terrace she is certainly not inferior to the others. Our vintage parasols can also be found there.

Click here for all our parasols.

Shore Line vintage parasol bij strandclub Kayuca Beach House op het strand in ZandvoortJungle Bay vintage parasol bij strandclub Hippie Fish op het strand in ZandvoortCoral Red vintage parasol bij strandclub Ubuntu Beach op het strand in ZandvoortStrandclub Kayuca Beach House op het strand in Zandvoort

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