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Tiger Ruby parasol atUbuntu Zandvoort


July 24, 2022

Fiery fringe parasol with sexy red and black details

The Tiger Ruby, the fiery fringe parasol with an exclusive pattern. The red with black details and white fringes provides a passionate touch. It is a parasol that is super cool in both the garden and on the beach.

This parasol calls for balmy summer evenings, so we're glad that summer is really here. Delicious from early in the morning until late at night. The Tiger Ruby gives shade but still a sunny touch to your day. Feet in the sand, wine in hand. Ubuntu in Zandvoort is the perfect place for this. Plop down here on the terrace or on the beach and you'll never want to go home!

Of course, the Tiger Ruby is also a great parasol to put in your own backyard. Nice to style with wood or other coarser textures. With the evening light, a beautiful red glow falls through the parasol.

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